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Payment can be made via RTGS, Online transfer, Bank to Bank Account money transfer, deposit cash in our Bank account as above mentioned details and send us the details of payment through SMS, Email or telephone and also send us the payment details / receipt thru email with your problems/order. Therefore we will provide services as required by your selves. Please wait for minimum 1 to 2 weeks.

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Our Charges

S.No No. of Questions Amount(INR) Amount(USD)
1 First Single Question Free Free
2 Each Report i.e.(Career/Marriage) Rs. 1100 20$
3 Detail Analysis Rs. 5100 85$
4 Vaastu Visit Rs. 5100 85$
5 Horoscope Rs. 1100 20$
6 Remedial Consultation Rs. 1100 20$
7 Detail Match Making Rs. 1100 20$