There aren't many people in this world, who are ready to help you through tough times and the low points of your life. I can tell you one thing though, whenever some crisis occurred in my family, I always called Veerji because he's always there to help, support and guide me out of that predicament. He has never refused to help me in my time of need and has never misguided me, even though I'm thousands of miles away on the other side of the globe. It feels as if he is right here helping me and my family in our worst times, bringing us closer to the ray of light from the depths of darkness. I've known Veerji (Manmohan Singh ji) for over 6 years now and Veerji has always been by me and my family's side like an angel watching over us.

Meetu Sethi (USA)

I have known Bhaiya (ManmohanJi) for almost 10 years now; his astrology consultation has always helped me get through difficult times. To me, more than astrologer he is a well wisher whose guidance has helped me sail through smoothly during many phases of good and bad in my life. He is good human being blessed with superb astrology power.


It’s been 4 years I am in touch with you, you have been guiding force to me and my family. Your remedies have actually made difference in our lives, my business and my Kids health. Thanks for the guidance always!

DP Singh

Your guidance, remedies have given us positivity and strength to deal with tough times.


I was amazed to hear my past, personality and predictions when I first met Bhaiya, I couldn’t even believe that someone can be so accurate. He has shown me the right direction, his consultancy has always helped in personal and profession life. It’s blessing to be associated with you.


I am in touch with Manmohan Ji from last 2 years. When I met him I was in trouble and financial losses, His astrological guidance made me sail through difficult times, with his astrological remedies I didn’t even realized when my problems got resolved. Thanks for your guidance.


We have known Bhaiya for almost 5 years. Thanks for in-depth & comprehensive astrological interpretation. Your advise & positive direction has helped us in our tough times. We are amazed by your accurate readings and find hard to believe at times. You provide a generous service to one & all. Thank you being there!

Vandana Gagan Sachdeva

I am writing this response with much responsibility and affections which we have felt after meeting you in last few months. Your Aura and personality can defeat humongous problems which normal people think can never be solved in their lives. I would like to tell all the readers here that, Manmohan Ji has totally changed me and my family's life after we came in contact with him. I still remember the day when someone first told us to go see him in person and tell him our woes. My husband was struggling a lot mentally, financially and professionally at that time. We thought that life would be not an easy one or at least an average one now. But trust me people, he gave us hope the first day and enormous life changing results the next day. There is something there at his throne- "Gaddi" from where he gives simple astrological remedies which works fast and give immediate promising results. My Husband although educated were jobless for over 3 years when I went and talked to Manmohan JI about him. In just 1 week, My husband got Job Offer from US and he couldn't believe himself what/how things have Happened. Manmohan Ji definitely knows how to turn the table. I will be joining my husband there soon too. Our family and relatives are thunder stricken ever since how life changed for us in such a small time. We with our folded hands, bowed heads thank Manmohan Ji for his immense help and support . We thank him for treating us like his family and not as a client. May almighty- the supreme giver give you health ,wealth and power to heal every person who have lost all hopes in their life. Because that is what you want everyone to have with smiles smiles and just smiles. Thanks You Uncle Ji


U can make miracles happen in anyone life. who believe in u .
Thanks a lot bhaiya

Soniya Malhotra

I have known Mr. Manmohan ji since 9 years. His prediction and guidance has always helpful and in the midst of difficulties and challenges, he has always provided proper guidance and solutions.

Kanika Chhabra

This gives me immense honor and pride to write something about this great humble soul Mr Manmohan Singh. He has been a great source of motivation and guidance to me, I still remember the first day I met him, I was so depressed and lost, totally living a life in a worm hole of darkness. But as days went by and I followed his directions, my life started to change. I found the biggest break of my life-- Excellent Job abroad. He always says- " I do not have any magical wand". But trust me people, he does have one:). Besides getting a Job, I was able to bring down my debt also. This would not have happened if I had not met Manmohan Singh Ji. Me and my Family can never forget this living legend who changed our lives in just few months. I recommend any person who have lost all hopes , thinks that predicaments of life can not be defeated. Manmohan Ji is the right person!.

Rahul (USA)

I met uncle 3 years back and have been in constant touch with him since then. He has been a great support for my business and personal life problems through his more than accurate predictions and remedies prescribed.
His constant guidance has proved to be beneficial for me and I thank him for being with me and his valuable guidance.

Sanchit Chawla (New Delhi)

I would really want to thank you from bottom of my heart for fixing my concerns. I was debating on my carrier move and had problems in family life but his remedies made everything worked for me. I have lot of trust in his words and would recommend him to anyone within a heartbeat. Thanks.

Kawalpreet Kaur (Dallas, TX . USA)

I met him five years back. His prediction & guidance has always helpful. I was in a professional & personal life troubles. I was too depressed. His suggestions and Remedies really works in a positive direction in and after that whenever my relative or fiend is in trouble i advice them to meet him because he gives simple remedies and ways. Now i think five years back i wont believe things can change or i have changed so much, after thanks lot sir.

Jaspal (Delhi)

I feel very relaxed when I share my problem with Manmohan bhaji because he give me very appropriate advice every time how to tackle the situation related to my problem and his predictions are really on time. I can just say thanks to you bhaji.

Gurpreet (Australia)

We have been touch with you for the last 13 to 14 years. We always seek your help to overcome the problems & the solutions given by you have always helped us . All your predictions have always been correct . Thank you for the same.

Pankaj (Kuwait)

Who does not want to know his/her future? Everybody, supposedly. With an eye of a foreteller, predictions of Mr Manmohan Singh are amazingly accurate to the extent of him telling the exact date or time of occurrence of an event.His predictions are incredulously precise and accurate. I have countless number of events to substantiate the magical powers he is blessed with.I owe him a lot, and I would like to thank him for being by me whenever I felt

Tushar Mahajan(Ricky)

I very happy to share my experience of consulting Sh Man Mohan Singh ji. I am associated with him for the last more than ten years. I consult him for every small and big problem relating to personal or professional life. I always returned with light headed after consulting him. Half the problem is taken care of simply discussing the same with him. If required he suggests easy to do simple remedies.


It gives me immense pleasure to say that we know you for almost 13 -14 years .Your guidance and solutions (which are easy to follow )have enabled us to overcome all the problems .You have always been positive which gives us strength and confidence .Many thanks .

Pratibha (Kuwait )

The site is too gud and I have taken lots of benefits from this site as well as from virjee.


Uncle ji predictions are accurate; it’s been more than 7years now, me and my family are in touch with them. We are great thankful to them for advise and support during my tough phase of life. His support, predictions and alleviations helped me to achieve my goals.

Nikhil (London)

My experience with Mr. Man mohan singh has been Amazing . His prediction & guidance has always helpful . I find myself in a professional & personal life troubles . Mainly his suggestions and Remedies really works in a positive direction. My struggle to get needful things for my life was too difficult. I was too depressed. After getting his hand on my head i feel better day by day . I am happy and blessed.THANKS A LOT MAN MOHAN SINGH JI

Bhupinder Singh

Bhaiya has been a pillar of strength and encouragement during my toughest times.More than anything, he really cares for your wellbeing. His faith forms the basis of yours when you have none left.His predications are accurate and remedies really simple to follow. Our family is really thankful for having a support source like him in our lives.

Tejaswi Chawla

I never believed in astrology till the time i met bhaiya. He gave the awareness how stars play important role on our personality, time,health and life. His accurate predication is astonishing. His remedies and suggestions has always given direction and strength to deal difficult situation in Job, health and personal life.

Sumeet (Bangalore)

I am associated with Manmohan ji Bhaiya from last 7 years. his 100% accurate predictions and guidance to handle difficult situation has always helped me to sail from worst and difficult situations. His suggestions at job front, health,personal life and for my son has always given fruitful result.


My astro experience with you has been marvellous. Your astro guidance has always borne fruitful results. I always find myself in one or the other trouble. But your suggestions and recommendations seem working in a positive direction. My struggle to get a good job was an ongoing pain in my neck. Always haunting me. I was never happy with my job. With your guidance i got a good job in a big company. I am happy with my new job with hopes to perfor

Sonia (London)

I Am Manav From New Delhi ,India and i feel blessed that i have a person like bhaiya (manmohan singh ji ) with me. From the last ten years bhayia (manmohan singh ji) predictions abt me in all spheres of my life weather its carrier , marriage or family has always been 100% correct .His accurate predictions has always helped me to select the best path and be successfully in my life.He has always enlightened my path to success and happiness in life.


Manmohan Singh, Thanks for the help a guidance for the last few years . Your predictions have been quite accurate .

Harvinder kaur (Malaysia)

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